Rotten Bliss is the one-woman project of London based cellist, vocalist and noise connoisseur Sometimes Jasmine
Rotten Bliss is a long-term live art research project into the outer limits of the processed cello. Rotten Bliss is an eerie electric dream world inspired by mythology, desire, cacophony and chance, by half forgotten memories and the fluidity of consciousness. Rotten Bliss is a deranged sonic stew, best ingested in a dark room at high volume.

Sound sources include electric cello, voice, field recordings, radios and found sounds. Compositions are realized using Max/MSP and are often linked up to live data streams and environmental sensors as well as good ole' randomisation. Projected visuals are central to performances and respond to live processed sounds, creating an enveloping multisensory experience.

Rotten Bliss has happened in strange and lovely venues including galleries, museums, a former fishing ship, a South London car park and a Marylebone mansion.