11th Hour Adventists

11th Hour Adventists is a collaboration between Jowe Head (Swell Maps, The Demi-Monde) on vocals, slide guitar and mandola, Jasmine Pender (Rotten Bliss) on vocals and electric cello and Ravi Low-Beer on drums & percussion.

Vocals blend and twist together in close harmonies against a pulse of drums, clipped mandola and guitar with deep hypnotic drones of electric cello and interjections of top-end shards of shiny noise.

Between them they weave a tense and terse sound-world, often using sparse musical arrangements led by storytelling, lyrical reflections and surreal images.

Subjects include a perverse sci-fi ode to an android, a ballad about Tempelhof airfield in Berlin, a feminist retelling of Cassandra of Troy and a radical arrangements of a murder ballad by blues pioneer Skip James.

Exquisite Corpse (Club Integral)

Demo Songs