Rotten Bliss is the hypnotic, violent, warm and weird visions of art rock cellist and vocalist Jasmine Pender. Dystopian harbours, amorous fishes and nightwatchmen inspire songs that combine drone, weird folk, art rock, sound art and noise, with traces of Diamanda Galas, Laurie Anderson, Nico and Arthur Russell.

Jasmine's voice, at times processed into fearsomely dissonant chords and at other times completely unamplified, is backed by brutally bare cello noir bass riffs, appearing from and disappearing into layers of exploratory cello noise, creating a fiercely intimate, seasick and transcendent performance.

Rotten Bliss appears regularly around London, accompanied by projected visuals that are triggered and augmented by sound events. Favourite venues include New River Studios, Apiary Studios, Hundred Years Gallery, The Others, Resonance FM, Vinyl Deptford, The Windmill, The Montague Arms and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Jasmine also plays in 11th Hour Adventists, a myth rock duo with Jowe Head (ex-Swell Maps), and False Echo, an electric / acoustic duo with classical cellist Tim Bowen (ex-Chromehoof). Her other projects include writing and acting with theatre company Apart Together and composing music for and acting in an upcoming science fiction film. Jasmine is the founder of Losers Club, an international network of musicians who collaborate on remote, chance based compositions.

Jasmine's previous projects include an arrangement of Leonard Cohen's songs for acapella voices, an interactive sound installation at the National Theatre and an audio visual performance triggered by light sensors aboard the M S Stubnitz as part of Kinetica's performance festival and exhibition.