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Rotten Bliss is the violent, warm and weird visions of London based avant-garde cellist and vocalist Jasmine Pender.

Equally inspired by the wild physicality of Jacqueline du Pre and the shrieking glory of a cello played through FX pedals, Rotten Bliss explores the outer limits of the electric cello, fearlessly clashing hauntology, minimalism and folk horror with noise and art rock. Using various extended techniques, an ever-expanding chain collection, toe-operated devices and hand-made FX, Jasmine commands the audience through an elemental voyage, summoning nihilistic sailors and amorous fishes with her "unsettling and beautiful vocals" (Misfit City).

Rotten Bliss has toured England, France, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. She has appeared at international festivals including donnaufestival (Krems, Austria), Supersonic (Birmingham, UK) and Do Disturb (Palais de Tokyo, Paris). Rotten Bliss recently performed at the closing night of Mariainsel, an island built by artists for Austria's 6th Wasser Biennale.

The first album by Rotten Bliss, The Nightwatchman Sings, was released in October 2017 on the Reverb Worship label; the second release, Is there Glass on Neptune, followed in early 2018 on a compilation produced by iconic New York independent freeform radio station WFMU. Jasmine is currently working on the second Rotten Bliss album, Throb, to be released in early 2019. Jasmine also performs in 11th Hour Adventists (with Jowe Head, ex-Swell Maps) and in cello duo False Echo (with Tim Bowen, ex-Chrome Hoof).

"coarse and beautifully heavy songs... Pender's tracks [betray] hallmarks of folk, metal and classical without subscribing to any particular tribe"

(The Wire Magazine, July 2018)

"A thing of disquieting dark beauty rolling in through a ghostly fog on timeless ripples whose ebbing wash peels back the years to reveal a vintage crafted in archaic folk tongues . . . hints of Nico chill with both a magical and macabre unease"

(The Sunday Experience, Aug 2017)


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From The Nightwatchman Sings (view the full album on Bandcamp)


Live Performances

Music Videos

Light Sensors

Let us bathe in strobelight

Light sensors attached to the body were used to trigger and control sounds and visuals at a performance for the Kinetica exhibition aboard the M S Stubnitz (2013)


An installation for light sensors created on-site at the National Theatre's Green Room Bar over two weeks in Feb / March 2013


11th hour Adventists

Doom folk collaboration with Jowe Head (ex-Swell Maps)

False Echo

Collaboration with classical cellist Tim Bowen (ex-Chrome Hoof)

Losers Club

An international collection of musicians who contribute on virtual projects with blind and random elements.

Once Strangers

Nine collaborators contributed "blind" recordings of solo instruments in either C Minor or Eb Major, which were then stitched into a composition.

The Sonic Centipede

Inspired by the Exquisite Corpse classic surreal parlour game, this project stitched together contributions from 17 participants who heard the last ten seconds of the previous segment and submitted their response within 48 hours.


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