Isolated Voyages

I can hear birdsong now from my flat. I live on the 7th floor of a building off Brixton Road and sirens and scooters and car horns and endless traffic provide the usual soundtrack. Now we can hear the birds.

You can’t really smell a photograph or move within it or sit near it and allow it to seep into your eyes. I’m missing sounds at the moment, despite the birdsong and the break from traffic sounds: I’m especially missing street collages.

Here are five busy smelly field recordings for anyone missing sonic excitement. There’s even a dog. There’s quite a bit of drama in the dog recording, actually: I believe you’ll find it quite stimulating. In these days.

Best ingested with headphones…


A busy square in Chandigarh on a December evening with noisy night birds and human chatter (Punjab, India).

Walking through Margate arcade (Kent, UK)
Walking through the medina (Tangier, Morocco)
Standing still in Grand Central Station (New York, USA)

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